Hamilton Inline Process Sensors

Hamilton Inline Sensors

Hamilton Inline Process Sensors

Gusmer now represents Hamilton and their line of process sensors. Hamilton, one of the pioneers of optical DO measurement, has built a complete portfolio of inline measurement sensors and accessories. In addition, the new Hamilton ARC platform brings the conveniences of modern wireless technology and integrated systems to inline sensors.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • ORP

ARC from Hamilton

The innovative new ARC system from Hamilton provides wireless connection of the sensor to the terminal or control panel. ARC sensors are fitted with a wireless transmitter to allow remote viewing of up to 30 sensors simultaneously, on either a computer or handheld device to monitor readings, review sensor health, or perform remote calibrations.

Educational Webinars

Real-time Monitoring DO in Process using Visiferm & Visitrace

Presentation topics include:
  • Hamilton Visiferm mA and Visitrace mA DO Sensors
  • Sample Points and Sources of O2
  • Inline vs. Spot Checks
  • Sensor Housings and Calibration
  • ArcAir Software
  • Q&A
  • Presentation Notes: Real-time Monitoring DO in Process using Visiferm & Visitrace
  • (Application points 3:32, Why measure DO 4:12, Hamilton Sensors 6:01, Sample Points and Sources of O2 11:34, Inline vs. Spot Checks 19:07, Sensor Housings and Calibration 21:45, ArcAir Software 27:38, Q&A 30:32)

Using pH and Conductivity to Enhance Brewing Quality & Sustainability

Presentation topics include:

Niche Applications for ORP Monitoring in the Brewing & Seltzer Market

Presentation Topics Include:
  • (Hamilton EasyFerm Plus ORP Arc sensor 3:33, Software and connectivity 8:12, What is ORP? 10:10, Sampling points in the beverage space 28:11, Applications and what can be gained 30:40, Q&A 42:13)
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