Denwel Water Deaeration Membrane

Denwel Water Deaeration Membrane


The membrane contactor contains thousands of microporous hydrophobic hollow fibers. The CO2 / N2 is applied on the inside of the hollow fibers and pulled out by vacuum. The high difference in partial pressure forces the oxygen out of the liquid phase.
Product Details

Key Features:

  • Final oxygen below 10 ppb
  • Water prefiltration
  • Expandable capacity
Educational Webinars

Water Deaeration – Why You Needed This Yesterday

Presentation Topics include:
  • Gusmer & Denwel Overview
  • Water Deaeration Overview
  • Application Tips
  • System Options
  • Q & A
  • Presentation Notes: Water Deaeration Presentation
  • (Gusmer & Denwel Overview 1:59, Water Deaeration Overview 4:18, Application Tips 11:54, System Options 14:30, Q & A 21:10)

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