Submit and Ship Samples

Submit and Ship Samples

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Preparing and Sending Samples:

  • In order to ensure the most accurate analysis, please send full (topped) containers of beer optimally packaged for shipping to minimize breakage.
  • Download and submit a completed Analysis Request Form with your samples. (Downloads section of this page)
  • If specific label information is required on the report, please make sure that this information is supplied on the sample request.
  • Samples may be sent via UPS or FedEx. The US Postal Service does not accept alcohol for shipping. Samples may also be dropped off in person.


If you have questions regarding samples for analysis or sampling procedures, please telephone the lab at 707.224.7903, extension 306 or 307.  The minimum analysis charge is $25.  Discounts are available for 10 or more samples of the same test.  Please note that all samples for analysis must be sent to the Napa facility (640 Airpark Road, Suite D, Napa, CA 94558).
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