Sigrist TurBiScat PM 40

Sigrist TurBiScat PM 40

In-Line Turbidimeter

The TurBiScat PM 40 measures turbidity in beverages, optional also color in beer; MEBAK / EBC / ASBC conform. The TurBiScat thus additionally becomes an inline color meter. The combination of Hastelloy and Sapphire in a sealless design allows use in virtually all processes applications. The TurBiScat PM 40 determines turbidity with optimum color compensation using scattered light measurement and is MEBAK/EBC compliant.

Product Details

The photometer measures straylight in angles in both 90° and 25°. The instrument can be used widely with its dual angle measurement in breweries from brewhouse to filter cellar, over pressure tank to filling station. The operation of the sensor is monitored permanently. Calibration is easily done using a secondary reference standard.

The TurBiScat PM 40 appears in a new, fresh design with integrated colored touchscreen display. The remarkable TurBiScat PM 40 can be identified easily in the production line. Measurement values and curves as well as data status are shown directly on point of measurement. Checking unit is integrated as well, no additional device is required. This simplifies the installation and reduces the power consumption.

Data security is a more and more important topic and has been enhanced.

Key Features

  • High accuracy, dual angle measurement (90° + 25°), wide measurement span and optional with color measurement
  • Values and measurement curves indicated directly on point of measurement
  • Proven measurement technology, measurement method identical to laboratory instrument LabScat 2
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