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Bucher Denwel Candle Filters by Gusmer Beer for Brewing

Candle Filters

Gusmer Enterprises is proud to be the North American partner for Bucher Denwel. The company had humble beginnings in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1938 and has grown to be the world’s leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf and turn-key filtration systems for the beverage industries. In 2013 the engineering division of Filtrox was acquired by Bucher Denwel. Bucher Denwel is well-known for their candle filters for pre-coat filtration with kieselguhr, perlite or PVPP, and they also develop, design and manufacture other advanced technologies such as ceramic crossflow filters, horizontal pressure leaf filters for beer and other beverage industries.
Product Details

Bucher Denwel M-SYNOX BF (SECUJET ®  2.0)

The M-SYNOX BF mobile candle filter with the candles hanging from a top plate. The design of the filter and the usage of the same STABOX candles (25 mm diameter) make it the small version of the large SYNOX filters but with the ease of “plug and play”. The M-SYNOX BF was designed for the needs of today’s craft brewers.
Sizes: 6.4 m² (16-32 HL/hr) – 11 m² (27-55 HL/hr)


Candle Filters – Bucher Denwel SYNOX ® 2.0 

The SYNOX 2.0 stationary candle filter system offers excellent value for all kind of precoat filtration within a hygienic environment utilizing the industry standard STABOX candles. Typical applications include filtration of beer, wine; all clear beverages as well as liquid food components such as gelatine, sugar syrup, edible oil and the like. The system can be configured for kieselguhr/perlite or PVPP use.
Sizes: 12 m² (60 hl/hr) – 237 m² (1185 hl/hr)

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