Chr. Hansen SmartBev NEER

Chr. Hansen SmartBev™ NEER™

Designed for Low & Non-Alcoholic Beer NEER is produced using Chr. Hansen’s proprietary production method which ensures high product performance, consistency and low risk of contamination. The NEER product is delivered on dry-ice as a frozen block in a 500 hl pack size that after thawing, can be transferred to the fermentation vessel using the sterile connection tube included in the package. NEER is highly concentrated and normally finishes fermentation within 3-5 days. Minimal maturation of the beer is required. NEW - Now available in a 50 hl pack size
Product Details

Non-alcoholic Brewing Process Comparison
Most non-alcoholic beers suffer from inferior organoleptic properties due to the ‘side-effects’ of the physical removal of ethanol or the application of cold-contact with regular brewers’ yeasts. NEER is a traditional brewing solution, which can produce full bodied, flavorful, non-alcoholic beers using our patented Pichia kluyveri strain.

Key Features:

  • Pichia kluyveri strain: Isolated in New Zealand, selected for fermentation characteristics and its ability to only ferment monosaccharides.
  • Frozen yeast: Direct pitching for convenience, speed and safety. From freezer to fermenter in 1 hour.
  • Fermentation characterstics: Enhanced fruit flavours (esters/thiols) and medium production of polysaccharides for next generation full flavoured, yet fresh alcohol free beer.
  • Production benefits: Without production of diacetyl, the concept allows for shortened maturation cycles.
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