Attenuation & Fermentation Optimization Enzymes

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Attenuation and Fermentation Enzymes

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Product Details

Attenuation Control – Produce highly attenuated beers time after time, with the use of starch conversion enzymes.
DIAZYME® 87 – Glucoamylase

  • Efficient blend of glucoamylases to maximize starch conversion
  • Lower residual starch
  • Achieve highly attenuated beers (RDF >87%) in less time and with lower doses compared to similar enzyme activities.
  • Application: Add at mashing or right after.



DIAZYME® X4 – Glucoamylase

  • Maximize hydrolyses of starch into fermentable sugars
  • Achieve RDF > 83%
  • Minimizes residual carbohydrates
  • Application: Add directly to mash or right after at mashing in.



DIAZYME® TGA MASH – Glucoamylase

  • Maximize starch conversion
  • Minimize residual carbohydrates
  • Provides a high degree of attenuation
  • Suitable for application in mash or at fermenter
  • Application: Add directly to mash or right after at mashing in.



DIAZYME® P10 – Pullulanase

  • Improves attenuation by de-branching amylopectin
  • Increases fermentable carbohydrates with low impact on sugar composition
  • Use with DIAZYME® X4 or DIAZYME® TGA MASH for increased RDF
  • Application: Add to mash at mashing in or right after for attenuation improvement. If using at the fermenter, add with DIAZYME® FA for RDF improvement. Use at temperatures below 65 °C (149 °F).



DIAZYME® FA – Fungal α-amylase

  • Increase fermentable carbohydrates, mainly maltose
  • Assists in removing haze due to residual starch
  • Improves attenuation and fermentation rate
  • Application: Add to cold wort when temperature cools to below 60 °C (140 °F) before or with pitching of yeast or during fermentation. Add in conjunction with DIAZYME® P10 for RDF improvement.


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