The BeerLab is a robust, maintenance free LED photometer that can provide key analytical lab data in minutes.  Reagents and cuvettes are bundled together in validated test kits, which steamlines the chemistry - you only need to use a pipette!  Step by step instructions and results are shown on the screen, eliminating the need for conversions and calculations.  Data can be exported to USB in XML format for integration into most databases.

Also available is the BeerLab Junior, a condensed alternative to the BeerLab that can be customized with three parameters.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Robust LED Photometer
  • Temperature Controlled Incubation and Reading Cells
  • Validated Test Kits
  • Receipt Printer and XML Data Export
  • No Routine Maintenance Necessary
  • Brewery Based Firmware with On-Board Step-by-Step Instructions


 • Fermentable Sugars • Alcohol by Volume (ABV) • pH • Polyphenols
 • Bitterness (IBU) • Vicinal Diketons (VDKs) • Starch • FAN
 • Lactic Acid (D + L) • Yeast Vitality • Acetic acid • Total SO2
 • Color • Carbohydrates


 • Alkalinity • Magnesium • Chloride • Sulfate
 • Calcium • Bicarbonate • Potassium • Zinc
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