Diacetyl Control Enzymes


Diacetyl Control Enzymes

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Product Details

Diacetyl Control – Manage diacetyl by eliminating the precursors of vicinal diketones (VDK’s).

ALPHALASE® Advance 4000 – α-acetolactate decarboxylase

  • Breakdown VDK precursors for short and consistent maturation periods
  • Keep diacetyl levels below the flavor threshold
  • Shorten or eliminate diacetyl rest
  • Optimize capacity and reduce processing times
  • Application: Add to cooled wort before pitching yeast.


Please contact your Gusmer Technical Sales Rep for application guide or additional questions.

Educational Webinars

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  • Understand how these impacts affect malt quality. (2:33)
  • Identify the enzyme options available for Brewers when working with lower quality malt. (27:03)
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