PureMalt is a diverse range of traditionally brewed malt concentrates. Cost effective solutions for color adjustment. Distinct color hues and flavor profiles for brand creation through late addition to beer. Pale malt concentrates used for restoring body, foam and mouthfeel. All of the PureMalt products are traditionally brewed with the finest Scottish malted barley and are then gently concentrated into the final products.
Product Details

PureMalt has a proud history over 800 years in the making, located on the banks of the river Tyne in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. The PureMalt Products, Ltd. site has been home to a mill, a maltings and ultimately a roasthouse and brewery to facilitate the production of the company’s current line of products.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective solutions for color adjustment
  • Distinct color hues and flavor profiles for brand creation through late addition to beer
  • Can also be used to formulate low alcohol or no alcohol beers

Dose Rates: PureMalt Products can be dosed in a range from 0.5% – 5% depending on the product being used and the desired effect in the finished beer.
Package Size: 20kg Bag-in-Box

PureMalt Color Chart 2022

Educational Webinars

Reinvent, fine-tune and get creative using PureMalt Concentrates

PureMalt Presentation Includes:
  • Intro to PureMalt
  • Production Overview – Specialty malt concentrates
  • PureMalt ‘Crafted’ Range – Traditionally brewed malt concentrates for flavor, color and body
  • Brand creation through late stage differentiation
  • ‘Instant Innovation’ Virtual Demo
  • Presentation Notes: PureMalt Presentation Webinar & PureMalt Crafted Taste Mat
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