Oak Avantage® American Oak Chips

Oak Avantage® American Oak Chips

Oak Avantage® American Oak Chips are sourced from the highest quality staves and air dried for 18 months. The staves are cut to a uniform size and toasted to maintain delicate flavors and aromas.
Product Details

Key Features 

  • Rich flavors and aromas – butterscotch, smoke, spice and hint of vanilla and coconut
  • Excellent for “revitalizing” old or aging barrels

Pack Size: 25 lbs
Application and Dose Rates

  • Finishing: Add directly to the brite beer tank to compliment beer flavor and aroma during storage
  • Barrel Supplementation: Add directly to neutral barrels to renew oak flavors and aroma
    • Dose Rate Range: 70-300 g/bbl (for oak flavors and aromas that range from subtle background notes to
      bold oak character as determined to be optimal for that particular beer)
  • Blending Beer: Dose the oak at a high rate directly into a smaller volume of beer to make a concentrated blending beer for precise blending back into larger finished brews at the brite beer tank or barrels
    • Dose Rate Range: 2,500-5,000 g/bbl


Oak samples are available upon request, please contact your Gusmer representative.

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