Analytical Services & Tests

Analytical Services & Tests

Ensure beer flavor, stability, longevity and more by utilizing Gusmer’s analytical services for the brewing industry. Gusmer offers a variety of tests and testing panels, as well as industry expertise and educated recommendations to assist in your brewing process. All tests are performed on site at Gusmer’s well equipped Napa, California laboratory using the latest techniques and technology.
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Export your Beer?
Gusmer has TTB certified chemists on staff to perform the required analysis for your exports.

Accurate, Quick, and Reliable
Testing is based on the standards set by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC). Lab accuracy is checked through the International Check Sample Service, provided by the ASBC. Typical analysis turnaround is 24-48 hours. Expedited service is available. Gusmer’s longstanding reputation in the industry has shaped this analytical services program for brewing. Gusmer staffs technical brewers and has over 90 years of participation in the brewing industry.

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Analytical Services
Hard Seltzer

Yeast for Hard Seltzer

Rensaissance Yeast

Chr. Hansen Yeast

Inline Gas Injection for Hard Seltzer

Denwel Carbonation

Denwel Carbonation/Blending

Fermentation Nutrients for Hard Seltzer

MicroEssentials Nutrients

Enzymes for Hard Seltzer

IFF Enzymes

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