Corporate Social Responsibility

sustainability and corporate social responsibility:

People and their safety come first at Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.

As a family business that now spans five generations, we understand the importance of utilizing our environmental resources wisely so that our world is safe for future generations of all people. Gusmer is committed to not only focusing on “sustainability”, but also creating a culture that is focused on corporate social responsibility, so that we are benefiting our entire community in addition to our employees. We seek to continuously improve so that all people have opportunities to grow and develop.

We are pleased to announce that The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has recognized Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. at the Advancing level within its Green Masters Program®. Recognizing Wisconsin businesses that are prioritizing sustainability, the Green Masters Program® categorizes participants into four status levels that reflect the degree to which sustainability has been integrated into their business model: Adapting, Advancing, Maturing, and Green Master. Advancing status signifies that an organization has identified and begun to manage some of its material sustainability issues and is working to improve its performance related to those issues.

The Green Masters Program is a tool for businesses to define, prioritize, measure, and manage their sustainability performance and integrate sustainable systems into business systems. It’s a platform aligned with internationally recognized standards that drives sustainable success and continuous improvement. For over 14 years the program has guided companies in building sustainable success and we are proud of companies like Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. leading the way in Wisconsin.

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Earlier this year Gusmer became members of EvoVadis, a globally recognized platform used by businesses to track, benchmark, and identify areas for improvement in relation to four key sustainability areas: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.  Over the past few months, we have filled out the EcoVadis “action tool” assessment with our own policies and procedures to be evaluated in each of the four key sustainability areas. We are pleased to share we have received a Bronze rating on our initial submission. To celebrate our completion of the assessment, EcoVadis will be planting a tree on Gusmer’s behalf through their partnership with One Tree Planted. We are excited to have successfully completed this initial assessment, and we look forward to our continuous improvement in these key sustainability areas.

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We are thrilled to announce our new membership with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC)! “The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s mission is to advance sustainable principles and practices forward through the power of business.” The WSBC is a subsidiary of Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP).  In 2022, Gusmer will be a part of WSBC’s new pilot program for the Green Masters Program.  The Green Masters Program is a recognition and assessment program for Wisconsin businesses interested in improving and being recognized for the sustainability initiatives. 

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Gusmer Enterprises is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. As part of this commitment, we expect our suppliers to operate in a manner consistent with our values. Our suppliers form an integral part of our network, and we expect that they commit to ethical and sustainable business practices. We believe that compliance with all applicable laws is the foundation for sustainability. In addition to compliance, we encourage suppliers to make continuous improvement as they identify new and innovative ways to create value and mitigate risk in the three interconnected dimensions of sustainability: people, nature and risk. Our suppliers are expected to have read and agreed to this code of conduct in full – and to act accordingly at all times.

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