Bucher Denwel Water Deaeration Column Cold


The Deaeration unit is designed for efficient and reliable deaeration of water under atmospheric conditions. The column is filled with structured packing, enabling a large internal surface which strips out the oxygen to levels below 10 ppb.
Product Details

Key Features:

  • Carbonation of deaerated water
  •  No vacuum required
  • Low CO2 / N2 consumption
Educational Webinars

Water Deaeration – Why You Needed This Yesterday

Presentation Topics include:
  • Gusmer & Denwel Overview
  • Water Deaeration Overview
  • Application Tips
  • System Options
  • Q & A
  • Presentation Notes: Water Deaeration Presentation
  • (Gusmer & Denwel Overview 1:59, Water Deaeration Overview 4:18, Application Tips 11:54, System Options 14:30, Q & A 21:10)
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