Denwel Water Deaeration Column Cold

Denwel Water Deaeration Column Cold for Gusmer Beer Brewing


The Deaeration unit is designed for efficient and reliable deaeration of water under atmospheric conditions. The column is filled with structured packing, enabling a large internal surface which strips out the oxygen to levels below 10 ppb.
Product Details

Key Features:

  • Carbonation of deaerated water
  •  No vacuum required
  • Low CO2 / N2 consumption
Educational Webinars

Getting the most out of your Hard Seltzer

Presentation Topics include:
  • Neutral flavor and aroma profile with proper yeast selection
  • Importance of yeast rehydration
  • Nutrient dosing recommendations for high gravity bases
  • Achieving your desired clear neutral base with filtration and carbon
  • Denwel process equipment to meet your seltzer production needs
  • Presentation notes: Hard Seltzer Webinar Slides
  • (General Hard Seltzer Info 1:28 / Yeast 7:19 / Nutrients 14:21 / Filtration 21:35 / Enzymes 29:03 / Equipment 32:07 / Q&A 41:05)
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