LabScat 2

Dual-Angle Lab Turbidimeter

The LabScat monitors turbidity in liquids, using a single light source to detect transmitted light and scattered light at 90° and 25°. This allows color-compensated dual-angle measurement according to MEBAK and EBC standard, in bottles and glass cuvettes. Bottle rotation and water-bath minimize disturbing influences, the quality of the water bath is monitored. Operation is done via a color touchscreen. No tools are required for routine maintenance. Calibration check is simply performed with a calibration unit with a glass reference, which is part of the scope of supply. Sample ID and handling measuring data are performed using digital interfaces (USB, Ethernet with web browser).

Product Details

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • High measuring span
  • Precise and reliable measurement also at 0 °C / 32 °F
  • Laboratory turbidity measurement in bottles or cuvettes
  • Verification of online measuring instruments
  • Accelerated aging test in the bottle
  • Monitoring of the water bath quality
  • Integrated operation panel with color touch screen display
  • Quick verification with secondary standard
  • Minimum maintenance, no tools required
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