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Filter Media, Housing & Equipment for Hard Seltzer

Gusmer is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of filter media, filter housings and filtration equipment to the beverage industries. We offer a complete range of filter sheet media, lenticular cartridge filters, conventional cartridge filters and cross flow filter systems, in a multitude of retention levels for clarification and sterile beverage filtration applications.
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Cellupore CSF Filter Sheet Series
Gusmer Enterprises’ latest range of filter sheet media, the Crystalline Silica Free (CSF) filter series, has been designed and formulated to be free of crystalline silica* yet offer the same outstanding performance of conventional filter sheet media. Click here to Learn More


Cellu-Stack Filter
Gusmer Enterprises’ Cellu-Stack Filters are a convenient way to utilize depth filtration media in an enclosed system. Offered in many Gusmer media grades, these stack filters can be used for coarse, fine, and presterile filtration in numerous filtration applications. Click here to Learn More
Hard Seltzer Cellu Stacks 1

Filter Housings
Filter Housings and Lab Filters – Cellu-Stack Housings and Posiseal lab-scale filter housings.
Gusmer Housings Hard Seltzer

Filter Cartridges
For over 50 years, MilliporeSigma has supplied breweries around the world with microbial management solutions to monitor and remove microorganisms and other contaminants from beer. Click here to Learn More

Hard Seltzer Filter Cartridges

Educational Webinars

Getting the most out of your Hard Seltzer

Presentation Topics include:
  • Neutral flavor and aroma profile with proper yeast selection
  • Importance of yeast rehydration
  • Nutrient dosing recommendations for high gravity bases
  • Achieving your desired clear neutral base with filtration and carbon
  • Denwel process equipment to meet your seltzer production needs
  • Presentation notes: Hard Seltzer Webinar Slides
  • (General Hard Seltzer Info 1:28 / Yeast 7:19 / Nutrients 14:21 / Filtration 21:35 / Enzymes 29:03 / Equipment 32:07 / Q&A 41:05)
Analytical Services
Hard Seltzer

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