MicroElements Hard Seltzer HG Nutrients

Nutrients for Hard Seltzer

Gusmer Enterprises MicroElements® Hard Seltzer HG is a powder blend of complex fermentation nutrients formulated for high gravity seltzer fermentations. It is composed of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, trace minerals, sterols, amino acids, proteins and peptides.
Product Details

Fermentation Characteristics

  • High gravity seltzer fermentation (≥25° Plato)
  • Fast fermentation times
  • High alcohol yields
  • Neutral flavor and aroma profile

Instructions for Use

Rehydrate MicroElements® Hard Seltzer HG in 10X the weight in process water and mix for 10 minutes. Add the hydrated solution to the fermenter with the sugar base prior to yeast inoculation in one addition.

Dosage Recommendations





g/L 4.95 6.2 6.6
g/bbl 580 725 773
lbs/1000gal 41.2 51.6 55
Nitrogen PPM 694 868 925

This product provides 16.8 ppm of available nitrogen for every 1lb/1000 gallons.

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