Sigrist TurBiScat 2 Ex

Sigrist TurBiScat 2 Ex

In-Line Turbidimeter for hazardous areas

The TurBiScat 2 Ex measures turbidity in liquids. The transmitted light and the scattered light are measured at 90° and 25°. In this way, the proportions of smaller or larger particles become visible and color and window contamination are compensated for. Optionally, there is the possibility of an additional color measurement at 430 nm. The calibration is checked with a solid reference. The TurBiScat 2 Ex is conceived and designed for applications in explosion-protected areas.

Product Details

Key Features

  • Sealless design – minimal maintenance
  • Integrated sensor check – stable and reliable measurement
  • Large measuring range (0 .. 4’000 NTU) – versatile range of applications
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