BevReady Filter Cartridges

BevReady Filter Cartridges

Gusmer Enterprises is proud to launch our new BevReady line of filter cartridges to the beverage industry. Gusmer’s BevReady Filter Cartridges provide brewers efficient and effective particle and microorganism removal while maintaining a high level of product quality. Our cartridges are assembled and packaged in an ISO 9001 certified Class 7 clean room and their polypropylene and EPDM construction deliver a robust filtration solution that can withstand most beverage CIP processes and high alcohol environments.
Product Details

BevReady Pure
Featuring a pleated polyethersulfone membrane, BevReady Pure cartridges provide excellent flow characteristics, low protein binding, and a long service life. These cartridges are absolute rated with certified integrity test specifications and are available in pore sizes of 0.22µ, 0.45µ, and 0.6µ.

BevReady Guard
Featuring a pleated gradient density polypropylene membrane, BevReady Guard cartridges are an excellent pre-filtration choice to protect absolute rated cartridges due to high dirt loading capacity at superior flow rates. Available in 0.6µ.

BevReady Polish
Featuring a polypropylene depth membrane, BevReady Polish cartridges deliver efficient coarse filtration with high throughput. Available in 10µ, 5µ, 3µ, and 1µ.

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