Yeast for Hard Seltzer

Novonesis has developed a yeast program founded both on standard Saccharomyces yeast and non-Saccharomyces yeast. Chr. Hansen yeast gives options to accentuate flavor, aroma and mouthfeel in the production of distinct and high quality hard seltzers.
Product Details

100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Ideal for sparkling base and delicate fruit seltzers with crisp and sharp flavors
  • Strong and clean fermentation kinetics
  • Tolerant of high alcohols (up to 17% v/v), Temp Range: 50 – 90 °F (10 – 32 °C)
Educational Webinars

Getting the most out of your Hard Seltzer

Presentation Topics include:
  • Neutral flavor and aroma profile with proper yeast selection
  • Importance of yeast rehydration
  • Nutrient dosing recommendations for high gravity bases
  • Achieving your desired clear neutral base with filtration and carbon
  • Denwel process equipment to meet your seltzer production needs
  • Presentation notes: Hard Seltzer Webinar Slides
  • (General Hard Seltzer Info 1:28 / Yeast 7:19 / Nutrients 14:21 / Filtration 21:35 / Enzymes 29:03 / Equipment 32:07 / Q&A 41:05)
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Hard Seltzer

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