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NEW- Gusmer Hard Seltzer Fermentation Nutrient!

Gusmer Enterprises is excited to release MicroElements® Hard Seltzer HG, a NEW nutrient optimized for hard seltzer fermentations!

MicroElements® Hard Seltzer HG is a powder blend of complex fermentation nutrients formulated for high gravity seltzer fermentations. It is composed of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, trace minerals, sterols, amino acids, proteins and peptides.

Gusmer’s MicroElements® Hard Seltzer HG was formulated, and has been tried and proven, with the following fermentation characteristics in mind:

  • High gravity seltzer fermentation (≥25° Plato)
  • Fast fermentation times
  • High alcohol yields
  • Neutral flavor and aroma profile 
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