Funke Gerber FermentoFlash

Product Details

The device for the automatic analysis of beer with easy 5-key operation, automatic calibration, and a one minute measuring time. Measures alcohol, extract, and density and also determines original wort, apparent extract, and osmotic pressure.
Measurement Principle

The beer sample (10 ml) is brought into the measuring cells by means of an integral pump. Alcohol content, extract and density are measured by using thermal measuring effects. Derived constituents such as wort original gravity (Plato), apparent extract, real extract, alcohol (abv & abw), specific gravity and osmotic pressure also will be determined.


The device may be calibrated by using a corresponding reference beer. You can store 18 different sets of calibration data (for example pilsner, strong beer, non-alcoholic beer). You can also change from one product to another without having to undertake a new calibration.

Interfaces / Serial Interface

Parallel interface / recording printer: The device has a parallel interface for connecting to a normal commercial printer. A recording printer is also included. A PC can be connected to the serial interface (software included).

FermentoFlash Measuring Capabilities

Measuring Range
0.00% to 15.00%
0.00% to 10.00%
Apparent Extract
0.00% to 10.00%
Original Wort
0.00% to 20.00%
0.95 to 1.05 g/cm3
±0.00002 g/cm3
Osmotic Pressure
Calculated value
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