Sysmex CyFlow Cube 6 V2m Flow Cytometer

Sysmex CyFlow™ Cube 6 V2m Flow Cytometer

The CyFlow Cube 6 V2m is a compact benchtop flow cytometer for microbial analyses, fermentation control, research purposes, particle analysis, and cell concentration reporting. It features a standardized laser configuration system as an optimal solution for dedicated industrial applications. Easy-to-use software for instrument control, data acquisition, and real-time data analysis allow the CyFlow Cube 6 V2m to be utilized by users who are not experts in either microbiology or flow cytometry. Repeatable results between users keep results consistent, and the option to configure the system with an autoloader can greatly increase testing capacity. The ability to detect all cells in a sample, including viable but non-culturable (VBNC) cells, within minutes instead of days or weeks can greatly improve lab efficiency and streamline microbial analysis requirements.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Accuracy
    • Reproducible results that are not dependent on user-defined testing conditions.
    • True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) displays particle concentrations without the need for reference beads.
    • Able to detect viable but non-culturable (VBNC) microorganisms missed by traditional plating methods.
  • Simplicity
    • Operating the CyFlow Cube 6 V2m requires neither microbiology expertise nor flow cytometry experience.
    • Automated report generation for quality control and analyses.
  • Efficiency
    • Replaces labor-intense, time-consuming tasks with a more efficient and resource-saving automated process.
    • Microbial counts are obtained within minutes instead of days.
    • Saves up to 55% of the costs compared to plating, without the need to be an expert.
    • An optional autoloader for the CyFlow Cube 6 V2m allows automated sample processing.


 Test KitPurposeTest MediaMicrobial Detection
CyStain™ OenoCountBottle Sterility Confirmation and Process ControlActively fermenting and finished wineViable Bacteria and Yeast
CyFlow BrettCountDetection of Brettanomyces bruxellensisBeer and wineSpecific to living Brettanomyces bruxellensis
CyStain™ VitalCountUnspecific detection of vital microorganismsJuice, distilled spirits, kombucha, and other fermenting beveragesViable Bacteria and Yeast
CyStain™ BacCount TotalWater testing and cleaning confirmationWaterTotal LNA and HNA Bacteria, live and dead
CyStain™ BacCount ViableWater testing and cleaning confirmationWaterTotal Viable LNA and HNA Bacteria
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