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Napa Analytical Services – Our Gusmer Napa laboratory, equipped with the best analytical equipment and staffed with a diverse group of qualified technicians, is an important part of our “Service with Knowledge”®. Our staff is TTB Certified for several product groups and we ensure the quality of our services as a member of a worldwide interlaboratory testing program endorsed by the ASEV. As part of Gusmer’s technical resources involved in product development, testing and application support, we have a team with expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Enology, Microbiology, Food Science and Applied Bio Technology. If our lab helps you identify a wine problem, we often have information on products, technology or operations that can help resolve that problem, now and in the future.

Please consider us for your analytical lab needs and get a first hand experience of our “Service with Knowledge”.

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Included Tests



Rapid Grape Juice RJ (Foss) Brix, pH, VA, TA, Malic, NOPA, Ammonia, & YAN 50 mL $40.00
Rapid Wine WO (Foss) TA, pH, VA, Malic, Glucose + Fructose, Alcohol, Density 50 mL $40.00
Rapid Wine SO2 WS (Foss) Free SO2, Total SO2, TA, pH, VA, Malic, Glucose + Fructose, Alcohol, Density 50 mL $40.00
Basic Wine Chemistry BB Free SO2, Total SO2, TA, pH, VA, Alcohol 125 mL $70.00
Cellar Support EE Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, SO2 Recommendation 125 mL $59.00
Comprehensive DD Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, TA, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Sensory Evaluation 375 mL $121.00
Export EXP Please contact Lab for more information (707) 224-7903 TBD TBD
Juice AA1 Brix, TA, pH, YAN (NOPA & Ammonia), Nutrient Recommendation 125 mL $66.00
Juice w/ Organic Acids AA2 Brix, TA, pH, YAN, Nutrient Recommendation, Organic Acids (Acetic, Citric, Malic, Tartaric) 175 mL $99.00
Post – Bottling KK Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, Alcohol, Membrane Culture for Sterility – unopened bottle 750 mL $80.00
Pre-Bottling – Red JJ-R Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Direct Culture Spoilage 375 mL $140.00
Pre-Bottling – White JJ-W Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Direct Culture Spoilage, Cold/Heat Stability 375 mL $162.50
SO2 Addition R Free SO2, Total SO2, pH, SO2 Recommendation 100 mL $45.00
Stuck/Sluggish FF pH, VA, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Yeast Viability 375 mL $94.00

Individual Tests

Acids ACE Acetic Acid 50 mL $18.00
M Malic Acid 50 mL $18.00
OJ Organic Acids – Juice (acetic, citric, malic, tartaric) 50 mL $54.00
OW Organic Acids – Wine (acetic, malic, lactic, succinic, tartaric) 50 mL $54.00
P pH 50 mL $10.00
TT Tartaric Acid 50 mL $18.00
T Titratable Acidity 50 mL $12.00
V Volatile Acidity 50 mL $17.00
SOR Sorbic Acid 50 mL $28.00
Alcohols & Organic Com. A Alcohol 50 mL $20.00
AH Acetaldehyde 50 mL $60.00
EA Ethyl Acetate 50 mL $60.00
MA Methanol 50 mL $60.00
Wine & Juice Analysis X Brix (Refractometer) 50 mL $11.00
C Cold Stability (Freeze) 50 mL $15.00
D Cold Stability (Conductivity) 250 mL $35.00
H Heat Stability (Incubation) 50 mL $15.00
O Free & Total SO2 50 mL $25.00
F Free SO2 50 mL $15.00
S Total SO2 50 mL $15.00
Z Residual Sugar (Glucose, Fructose) 50 mL $22.00
TE Total Extract 100 mL $51.00
Y YAN Yeast Available Nitrogen (NOPA, NH4) 50 mL $42.00
Metals CU Copper 50 mL $20.00
FE Iron 50 mL $20.00
PB Lead 50 mL $20.00
K Potassium 50 mL $20.00

Microbiology Test

Exam ME Microscopic Exam 50 mL $25.00
Direct Plating MM Yeast, Mold & Bacteria 50 mL $25.00
MD Dekkera/Brettanomyces 50 mL $15.00
MR Wine Spoilage (Brettanomyces/Pediococcus/Acetobacter) 50 mL $20.00
Filter Plating MC Yeast, Mold & Bacteria Filter Membrane 375 mL $40.00

Filtration Panels

FIL-I Filterability (1 grade) 1 gallon $60.00
FIL-II Filterability (2 grades) 1 gallon $100.00
MCI Membrane Clogging Index 500 mL $40.00
TUR Turbidity 50 mL $12.00


B Bentonite Fining Trial – 5 levels 375 mL $60.00
TA Acidification Trial – 3-4 levels 750 mL $50.00
TD De-Acidification Trial – 3-4 levels 750 mL $50.00

Sensory Evaluation

SB Sensory Evaluation 125 mL $35.00
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