Napa Lab Submit and Ship Samples

Napa Lab Gusmer Wine Sample Testing for winemaking

Napa Lab Submit and Ship Samples

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Grape and Juice Samples:

Grape clusters may be refrigerated and sent with a cooler pack. Juice and fermenting samples may be dropped off at our facility. We recommend that juice samples be dropped off at our location to prevent fermentation in shipment. If samples must be sent, use a plastic bottle, only one quarter full, in several sealed plastic bags and with a large cooler pack.

Cellar Samples & Bottled Wines:

Make sure you take a representative sample of your wine. This often requires mixing the tank or barrel. Composite samples can be used periodically and only if there are no signs of undesired activity. For microbial analysis it is particularly important to use a sterile container and that the sample is taken from a well mixed tank or barrel. An unopened bottle is required for post-bottling microbial analysis.

Preparing and Sending Samples:

  • In order to ensure the most accurate analysis, please send full (topped) containers of wine. Durable plastic is preferred to avoid glass breakage.
  • Submit a completed Analysis Request Form with your samples. Make sure to add current information regarding how you wish to be contacted with the test results
  • If specific label information (vintage, variety, appellation, etc.) is required on the lab report, please make sure that this information is supplied on the sample request form.
  • Samples may be sent via UPS, Fed Ex or dropped off in person at our lab. The US Postal Service does not accept or ship products with alcohol.
  • All samples for analysis must be sent to Gusmer Analytical Services, 640 Airpark Road, Suite D, Napa, CA 94558.
  • If you have questions regarding samples for analysis or sampling procedures, please call our Napa Laboratory at 707.224.7903, extension 306 or 307. The minimum analysis charge is $25.


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