Viniflora CH35

Viniflora® CH35

Viniflora® CH35 is a freeze-dried, direct inoculation starter culture of Oenococcus oeni. CH35 is an appropriate strain that is able to withstand high total SO2 (up to 45 ppm) and low pH. Well suited for white wines that present challenging conditions. As the world leader in bacterial cultures for food industries, Novonesis has committed Research & Development and advanced production resources to providing the best malolactic bacterial cultures to the wine industry. Novonesis preparations are not only tested for viability, but each batch is also tested for the cell’s ability to covert malic acid to lactic acid. Novonesis is the only company that utilizes the MACC test (‘Malic Acid Conversion Capacity Test’) as a quality control parameter for each batch produced.
Product Details

Key Features 

  • Recommended for white wines
  • Direct inoculation, freeze-dried bacteria – does not require rehydration
  • High numbers of active cells which ensure a quick start of fermentation
  • This strain is pH tolerant to 3.0, Total SO2 to 45 ppm (white wines), temperature 59 – 77 ͦF and alcohol to 14% (v/v)
  • Low level of volatile acidity
  • Cinnamoyl Esterase Negative


Pouch Sizes to Treat: 66 gal, 660 gal and 6,600 gal

Educational Webinars

Mastering Malolactic Fermentation

Presentation Topics include:
  • Differences between various O. Oenococcus oeni strains
  • Process of testing antibiotic resistance and biogenic amine production of bacteria
  • How to select the proper Viniflora® bacteria strain for your wine
  • The magic number of cells needed to start converting malic acid to lactic acid
  • Best practices for troubleshooting stuck malolactic fermentations
  • Presentation Notes: Mastering Malolactic Fermentation
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