Freeze Dried FrootZen

Viniflora® Frootzen™ (Freeze Dried)

Viniflora FrootZen is a pure strain of yeast Pichia kluyveri strengthening the fruity characteristics of the wine and ensuring bio-protection. FrootZen™ can be used at several stages of the process as a pre-fermentation product (on harvested grapes, on crushed grapes, or in must). The culture is recommended when making white and rosé but can also be used in red wines. The product is delivered in a user-friendly freeze-dried format. This specialty yeast is not intended to achieve complete alcoholic fermentation but to enhance wine complexity. Frootzen has to be followed by a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast of choice to achieve a safe and fast alcoholic fermentation.
Product Details

This specific and pure strain of Pichia kluyveri ensures a safe and reliable start to alcoholic fermentation in white, rosé and red wines. It gives winemakers the opportunity to boost fruit flavors, optimizing the conversion of soluble grape-derived fruit flavor precursors into volatile flavors. FrootZen gives four simultaneous effects to wines:

Key Features

  • Increased fruit flavor intensity and complexity
  • Reduced risk of oxidation
  • Reduced risk of volatile acidity by apiculated yeast (hanseniaspor a spp.)
  • Boost indigenous Saccharomyces in non-inoculated wines

Pack Size: 375g bag in 25 hl (660 US gallons)

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