Renaissance Bravo Yeast by Gusmer Wine for Winemaking

Bravo Yeast

Bravo is a new high glycerol producing strain specifically developed for classical red winemaking. This strain produces a lot of esters in addition to its ability to release grape volatile molecules with its beta-lyase activity. Wine produced by Bravo will reveal nuances of red fruit (strawberries, cherries) and rich dark fruit (plum and prunes) with very good intensity. Overall it produces elegant wines with complexity and good acidity. Bravo is MLF compatible and can handle wide range of temperatures. Renaissance Yeast’s strains have excellent fermentation kinetics, desirable sensory characteristics, and are produced to the highest quality standards. Renaissance Yeast is the exclusive developer of a novel, patented H2S-preventing technology that is the result of a natural trait in yeast that increases sulfur and nitrogen utilization efficiency during fermentation, thereby preventing hydrogen sulfide formation.
Product Details

Key Features 

  • Recommended for Full Bodied Red Wine
  • Fermentation temperature limits 60.8 to 86F
  • Alcohol tolerance 16% v/v
  • Moderate nitrogen requirements
  • Yeast does not produce hydrogen sulfide
  • Moderate fermentation tempo
  • Low production of SO2
  • Classically bred, Non-GMO
  • For use in wine


Pack Size: 500 g

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