MicroEssentials Powder

Gusmer MicroEssentials Powder for Winemaking

MicroEssentials Powder

Gusmer's MicroEssentials Powder is a full spectrum yeast nutrient blend in a loose powered form supplying a rich mixture of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins and trace minerals. It contains high quality, small peptide yeast fractions that supply an adequate amount of assimilable amino acids.
Product Details

Key Features 

  • Complex yeast (soluble) nutrient affects cellular growth, fermentative activity, aroma expression and guard against the formation of H2S
  • Compliant with TTB regulations
  • For use in wine, cider and distilled spirits
  • 100% Made in the USA


Pack Size: 5 kg, 25 kg

Dose Rate: 12 – 96 g/hl (1 – 8 lbs / 1,000 gal)

Product Notes
MicroEssentials Powder
is a highly complex nutrient designed for use in red and white wine fermentations, cider, seltzer and distilled spirits.

MicroEssentials Powder contains highly refined polypeptides and amino acids and a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors that are highly assimilable by yeast and bacteria. When more than 70 ppm of available nitrogen is needed, we recommend supplementing with diammonium phosphate.

Provides 17 ppm available nitrogen at 1 lb/1,000 gallons

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