IFF Liquid Enzymes

IFF liquid wine enzymes for winemaking from Gusmer

IFF Liquid Enzymes

PEKTOZYME™ liquid pectinases are available in 20 Kilogram pails

Enological enzymes have proven their worth in wineries by helping produce wine with enhanced varietal aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and color.
Product Details

PEKTOZYME Clear is a concentrated pectinase for depectinization and clarification of red, white, rosé, or fruit wines.

  • BioSelect Red White Rose
  • Achieve complete depectinization and fast clarification
  • Excellent for flotation applications
  • Increase press efficiency and clarification of grape must
  • Optimize large scale winemaking with liquid enzyme
  • Also available as PEKTOZYME Clear KPO for use in Kosher for Passover products


PEKTOZYME Mash is a robust pectinase preparation designed for maceration of red, white, or rosé grapes in the production of wine and other fruits in the production of fruit wines.

  • BioSelect Red White Rose
  • Optimize large scale winemaking with liquid enzyme
  • Increase extraction of anthocyanins, tannins, varietal flavor and aroma compounds
  • Use less pressure to extract more juice while preserving aroma and quality
  • Higher free run yields and better press efficiencies
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