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California Harvest 2023

A cool, late spring is impacting the 2023 California wine grape harvest and delaying vine ripening. While winemakers are looking forward to a high quality 2023 harvest, they do face some unique challenges.  Grapes potentially not fully ripening can lead to higher acids, lower color and some green characteristics.  The additional rain has also increased the potential for mildew.  A later than usual harvest also creates time constraints and pressure as winemaker work to compress their processes.  Gusmer offers a wide variety of products to support.  Clean fermentation yeasts can help mask characteristics, non-Saccharomyces yeasts offer bio protection for fermentations and also can help the fruit characteristics, and Lysozyme can be used to control gram-positive spoilage bacteria.  Gusmer’s Oak-Mor product has the ability to reduce green characteristics. 




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