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Gusmer – Sysmex recognized as one of the 5 New and Interesting Products from the 2024 Unified Trade Show by WIN

Wine Industry Network – Five New and Interesting Products from the 2024 Unified Trade Show! 


Gusmer Enterprises has a history of partnering with excellent producers of lab equipment and bringing the most advanced equipment to the beverage industry. Their agreement with Sysmex America continues that tradition, offering the CyFlow™ Cube 6V2m for processing use in the fermented beverage industry.

The CyFlow™ Cube 6V2m is a compact benchtop flow cytometer for microbial analyses, fermentation control, research purposes, particle analysis, and cell concentration reporting. It is highly accurate, does not require advanced expertise to operate, and microbial counts are obtained within minutes instead of days.

Gusmer has transitioned to using the CyFlow for their own analysis, and wineries can now also benefit from the rapid detection of microbes like Brettanomyces bruxellensis in their own labs for faster and more cost-effective assurance of quality in their wine production.


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