Arôbois Arôneo French Oak Chips

French Oak Chips

Arôbois has developed a unique and high-performance range of french oak chips in an innovative production process, the result of a highly sophisticated research and development project. The Arôneo range is composed of four very different and original recipes: Sweet (Douceur), Balance (Equilibre), Fresh (Fraicheur), Intense. These chips bring a remarkable contribution to your wines, either during fermentation or ageing. Red wines, rosés, whites, even sparkling and methode champenoise wines will benefit from the contribution of our Arôneo chips. Whatever your variety, there is an Arôneo recipe to suit.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Sweet (Douceur) – caramel, vanilla, sweetness
  • Balance (Equilibre) – licorice, silky tannins
  • Fresh (Fraicheur) – spice, length
  • Intense – almond, cocoa, roundness

Pack Size Available
55 lbs (25kg) Sack
18 kg Infusion Bag (Sold in three 6 kg infusion bags)  

Typical Dose Rates
The recommended dose is between 0.5 – 3 grams/liter. It should be varied according to the type of grape variety and wine, as well as the desired impact. Generally, white, rosé and delicate red wines use lesser quantities, while full-bodied reds benefit from more. At very light doses, the impact will be mainly on the structure of the wine.

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