Cross Flow Filtration

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Cross Flow Filtration

Bucher Vaslin has become the leader in cross flow filtration. Bucher’s innovations allow winemakers to process juice, wine, and lees without the need for diatomaceous earth. The critical component to the Bucher Cross Flow Filter is the microporous membrane made specifically for wine filtration. This hydrophilic membrane allows for brilliantly clear filtered wine or juice, while limiting the retention of desirable polyphenols and polysaccharides. Mechanically, the Bucher system operates at a very low pressure (1.2 bar maximum), greatly helping to maintain the quality of the wine. In addition, a back flush system helps prevent clogging and maintain flow rates throughout the filtration. These frequent 1-2 second back flushes maintain both the flow rate and the low pressure. Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Filters are fully automated, including even onboard CIP chemical pumps, where you can simply setup your filtration run and let the machine handle everything else.

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