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Napa Analytical Services – Our Gusmer Napa laboratory, equipped with the best analytical equipment and staffed with a diverse group of qualified technicians, is an important part of our “Service with Knowledge”®. Our staff is TTB Certified for several product groups and we ensure the quality of our services as a member of a worldwide interlaboratory testing program endorsed by the ASEV. As part of Gusmer’s technical resources involved in product development, testing and application support, we have a team with expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Enology, Microbiology, Food Science and Applied Bio Technology. If our lab helps you identify a wine problem, we often have information on products, technology or operations that can help resolve that problem, now and in the future.

Please consider us for your analytical lab needs and get a first hand experience of our “Service with Knowledge”.

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Included Tests



Rapid Grape JuiceRJ(Foss) Brix, pH, TA, Malic, NOPA, Ammonia, & YAN50 mL$50.00
Rapid WineWO(Foss) TA, pH, VA, Malic, Glucose + Fructose, Alcohol, Density50 mL$50.00
Rapid Wine SO2WS(Foss) Free SO2, Total SO2, TA, pH, VA, Malic, Glucose + Fructose, Alcohol, Density50 mL$50.00
Basic Wine ChemistryBBFree SO2, Total SO2, TA, pH, VA, Alcohol125 mL$70.00
Cellar SupportEEFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, SO2 Recommendation125 mL$59.00
ComprehensiveDDFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, TA, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Sensory Evaluation375 mL$121.00
ExportEXPPlease contact Lab for more information (707) 224-7903TBDTBD
JuiceAA1Brix, TA, pH, YAN (NOPA & Ammonia), Nutrient Recommendation125 mL$66.00
Juice w/ Organic AcidsAA2Brix, TA, pH, YAN, Nutrient Recommendation, Organic Acids (Acetic, Citric, Malic, Tartaric)175 mL$99.00
Post – BottlingKKFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, Alcohol, Membrane Culture for Sterility – unopened bottle750 mL$80.00
Pre-Bottling – RedJJ-RFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Direct Culture Spoilage375 mL$140.00
Pre-Bottling – WhiteJJ-WFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, VA, Malic, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Direct Culture Spoilage, Cold/Heat Stability375 mL$162.50
SO2 AdditionRFree SO2, Total SO2, pH, SO2 Recommendation100 mL$45.00
Stuck/SluggishFFpH, VA, G/F, Alcohol, Micro Exam, Yeast Viability375 mL$94.00

Individual Tests

AcidsACEAcetic Acid50 mL$18.00
MMalic Acid50 mL$18.00
OJOrganic Acids – Juice (acetic, citric, malic, tartaric)50 mL$54.00
OWOrganic Acids – Wine (acetic, malic, lactic, succinic, tartaric)50 mL$54.00
PpH50 mL$10.00
TTTartaric Acid50 mL$18.00
TTitratable Acidity50 mL$12.00
VVolatile Acidity50 mL$17.00
SORSorbic Acid50 mL$28.00
Alcohols & Organic Com.AAlcohol50 mL$20.00
AHAcetaldehyde50 mL$60.00
EAEthyl Acetate50 mL$60.00
MAMethanol50 mL$60.00
Wine & Juice AnalysisXBrix (Refractometer)50 mL$11.00
CCold Stability (Freeze)50 mL$15.00
DCold Stability (Conductivity)250 mL$35.00
HHeat Stability (Incubation)50 mL$15.00
OFree & Total SO250 mL$25.00
FFree SO250 mL$15.00
STotal SO250 mL$15.00
ZResidual Sugar (Glucose, Fructose)50 mL$22.00
TETotal Extract100 mL$51.00
YYAN Yeast Available Nitrogen (NOPA, NH4)50 mL$42.00
MetalsCUCopper50 mL$20.00
FEIron50 mL$20.00
PBLead50 mL$20.00
KPotassium50 mL$20.00

Microbiology Test

ExamMEMicroscopic Exam50 mL$25.00
Direct PlatingMMYeast, Mold & Bacteria50 mL$25.00
MDDekkera/Brettanomyces50 mL$15.00
MRWine Spoilage (Brettanomyces/Pediococcus/Acetobacter)50 mL$20.00
Filter PlatingMCYeast, Mold & Bacteria Filter Membrane375 mL$40.00

Filtration Panels

FIL-IFilterability (1 grade)1 gallon$60.00
FIL-IIFilterability (2 grades)1 gallon$100.00
MCIMembrane Clogging Index500 mL$40.00
TURTurbidity50 mL$12.00


BBentonite Fining Trial – 5 levels375 mL$60.00
TAAcidification Trial – 3-4 levels750 mL$50.00
TDDe-Acidification Trial – 3-4 levels750 mL$50.00

Sensory Evaluation

SBSensory Evaluation125 mL$35.00
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