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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Yeast?

Gusmer’s MicroEssentials™ fermentation nutrients include a complete range of supplements for yeast rehydration, primary fermentation and malolactic fermentation. MicroEssentials nutrient formulations incorporate findings from the latest research and are based on premium ingredients. Our complex supplements contain highly refined polypeptides and amino acids, and a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors for a rich source of compounds that are highly assimilable by yeast and bacteria. These nutrients comply fully with the TTB regulations and are produced locally in our own facility, under GMP conditions. Used to support cell growth, general metabolism, protein synthesis and alcohol tolerance, fermentation nutrients contribute greatly to healthy fermentations and help guard against the formation of hydrogen sulfide and other unwanted metabolites. Gusmer’s MicroEssentials nutrients are designed to fit any wine production protocol.

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