Angel Thermal Tolerance Alcohol Active Dry Yeast

Angel Thermal Tolerance Alcohol Active Dry Yeast

This product is specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast resistant to high temperature, alcohol and acid, and can be widely applied in the alcohol, potable spirit brewing that adopts starch bearing materials as dry sweet potato, maize, rice, cassava, sorghum, etc. and saccharine materials as molasses, etc.
Product Details

1. Temperature tolerance 108°F (42℃). The fermentation can be realized at 82°F-108°F (28-42℃).

2. Ethanol tolerance: ≤17%(v/v)

3. Acid tolerance: high resistance to acid, produce gas when PH is 2. 5, which is favorable for controlling prevent bacteria contamination and improving alcohol productivity.

4. High osmotic pressure tolerance. 60% glucose max

5. Strong reproductive ability, small consumption.


Moisture  %≤ 6. 5
The rate of living yeast cell %≥ 75. 0
Total yeast Count (108 /g)≥ 250
Total bacteria count≤ 100000



1. Direct add yeast in fermentation tank (batch fermentation): Each liter of mash is inoculated with 0.25-0.3g of dry yeast, and the initial cell count of fermentation mash reaches 5million/ml.


  • Simple operation, simplified flow
  • Favorable for stable control
  • The probability of bacterial infection is reduced

2. Propagation in culture tank:

When the equipment and process allow, on the basis of strictly controlling bacterial infection and providing the yeast with the required nutrition, inoculate to ferment after culturing for 8-10 hours, so as to relatively reduce the yeast consumption. In consideration of the aging and degeneration of yeast in the culture process, the optimal inoculation replacement cycle shall be 72 hours.

Nutrition required by yeast culture

  • Nitrogen source, phosphor source, magnesium ion, zinc ion, etc.

Package Size: 500g, 10kg

Storage condition and shelf life: Vacuum aluminum foil packaging, store in low temperature and dry place, with the shelf life of 24 months.


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