Distilling Enzymes

Saccharification Enzymes for distilling by Gusmer Enterprises

Liquefaction Enzymes

Heat stable enzymes break down starch and reduce mash viscosity for better mixing and processing. Add to cereal cooking for faster, consistent liquefaction and thinning of starch in mash.
Product Details

AMYLEX® 6T – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Rapid viscosity reduction at low & broad pH
  • Functions in sour mash
  • Shorter liquefaction time with lower doses compared to similar enzyme activities
  • Application: Add before cooking and/or at liquefaction

– Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Excellent adjunct liquefaction enzyme at low pH
  • Allows for use of low water to grist ratio
  • Efficient starch liquefaction for reduced processing costs
  • Achieve faster viscosity break
  • Application: Add to cereal cooker before cooking and/or at liquefaction.


AMYLEX® BT2 – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Rapidly reduces viscosity for efficient starch liquefaction enzymes
  • Can be used for medium or high gelatinization temperatures
  • Great for distillers that want organic approval
  • Application: Add to cereal cooker before cooking and/or at liquefaction.

Please contact your Gusmer Technical Sales Rep for application guide or additional questions.


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