Novonesis Jazzis a direct vessel starter (DVS) strain that eliminates the rehydration step. Viniflora® JAZZ ™ is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from a must of Shiraz in South Africa.
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More than ever before, distillers are offering a wide array of unique and interesting distilled products, utilizing both the science of fermentation and the art of the craft to produce quality products that are differentiated and stand out to discerning consumers. As a supplier of yeast to the alcoholic beverage industry for decades, Gusmer has many strains of specialized yeast that were selected for their abilities to perform alcoholic fermentations and make positive contributions to the organoleptic profile. Yeast strains with proven kinetics and the ability to produce aromatic and mouthfeel constituents.

Pack Size: 500 g


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