Ponndorf Spent Grain Removal

Ponndorf spent grain removal system by Gusmer Brewing

Ponndorf Spent Grain Removal

Ponndorf systems are simple yet efficient systems that help you get rid of your spent grain. Ponndorf has the best solutions for wet spent grain conveyors, dryers and silo systems. The new generation of Ponndorf spent grain conveyors are designed for the modern brewery. These systems meet today’s demands for operational safety, low air consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance. Gusmer Enterprises’ technical staff will assist in designing a complete spent grain removal system that suites your needs.

Ponndorf spent conveyors operate on the principle that spent grain enters the conveyor through the top, is compressed by a screw, and then pushed through the spent grain piping pneumatically. They offer a simple, quiet and efficient way to convey spent grain. From lauter tun, to spent grain silo, Ponndorf is your solution.
Product Details


  • 50 – 650 kg/min (110 – 1,433 lb/min) conveying performance
  • Large infeed shaft for defined filling of the conveying screw
  • Robust slip on gear mechanism
  • Integrated stopper (non-return valve)
  • Rinse water socket, manually or electro-pneumatically operated
  • Low air consumption
  • Easy pipeline cleaning by means of a cleaning ball
  • Reliable operation, low maintenance
  • Conveyor Options:
    • Wide choice of weldable construction materials
    • Integrated pressing sieve for mechanical dewatering
    • Integrated bunkers of various sizes are available

Wet Spent Grains Silo Plants

  • Up to 400 m3 storage capacities
  • Individually constructed and manufactured according to the international safety regulations
  • Completely equipped with ladders, safety railings, and ventilation gratings in the silo cover

Wet Spent Grains Silo Dispenser Systems

  • 500 – 1,100 kg/min (1,102 – 2,425 lb/min) discharging performance
  • Robust slip on gear mechanism
  • Rinse water socket, manually or electro-pneumatically operated
  • Reliable operation, low maintenance

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