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Cellu-Stack Lenticular Filter Housing by Gusmer Wine for Winemaking


Gusmer Enterprises offers a complete line of Cellu-Stack® filter housings designed as a cost-effective system for high capacity liquid filtration applications. The versatile sanitary housing line accommodates either 12″ or 16″ diameter Cellu-Stack® filter cartridges with the effective filtration surface area ranging from 17.7 ft2 – 160.0 ft2. All housings are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4-cartridge versions, which can be modified with the use of Cellu-Stack® adapters to accept fewer cartridges for partial batch runs or other applications requiring fewer cartridges. ASME code housings are also available if required.

Product Details

Application Notes

  • Place a quick acting check valve at the housing outlet to avoid integrity breaches that can be caused by backpressure
  • Double check that all cartridge gaskets are in place and in good condition to ensure optimal sealing
  • If filter life is not fully exhausted by a single filtration, DO NOT remove used filters from the housing for storage between uses. Instead, used filters can be stored IN the housing by following these steps:
    • Shut Down: After completion of the filtration cycle, sanitize the filters with the same method used to prepare the filters (i.e. steam or hot water flush)
    • Storage: Drain the housing, apply 2 psi gas pressure (i.e. CO2, nitrogen) while the housing is still warm (to avoid a vacuum upon cooling) and close all ports
    • Restart: When restarting for another filtration cycle, repeat the sanitization procedure just as you would for normal filter preparation

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