Cellu-Stack® Filters

Stack Lenticular Filters from Gusmer production offering Cellu-Stack® Filters

Cellu-Stack® Lenticular Filters

Gusmer Enterprises’ Cellu-Stack filters are a convenient way to utilize depth filtration media in an enclosed system. Offered in all Gusmer media types, these stack filters can be used for coarse, fine, and pre-sterile filtration in numerous filtration applications.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Full range of filter media grades with high adsorptive and retention properties
  • Clean and safe filtration method when dealing with elevated pressures, temperatures, etc.
  • Convenient operation with short setup or changeover times
  • Small process footprint
  • Designed to conform with GMP
  • Highly economical with minimal maintenance and low operating costs
  • Protection of filtrate against spoilage in an enclosed depth filtration system
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