Gusmer Nutrient Manufacturing Process

Custom Manufacturing Process Flow 4

    Over a 100 years of success and nearly 2 decades of experience in dry precision blending

1. Development:

    • Project Overview
      • Discuss needs with technical sales and R&D/Fermentation Scientists
      • Mutual NDA/Development Agreement signed

2. Pre-Production:

    • Available R&D Technical Services
      • Develop formulation
      • Produce small scale samples
    • Manufacturing Fulfillment Viability
      • Formulas, specs, testing requirements, preferred fill/container size and annual volumes provided by customer
        1. High-quality equipment used for precision blending and packaging
        2. Batch size volumes ranging from 500kg – 1000kg *depending on bulk density
        3. Various pack sizes available:  Ranging from 10 – 25kg boxes and 220-440kg totes
        4. Quality control procedures, testing and documentation
        5. GMP/ ISO certified  FM – ISO9001 certified
        6. Internal warehousing and shipping
      • Review of timeline expectations
    • Quoting
      • Statement of work and timelines established
      • Final part number assigned and final specification signed by customer
      • Final pricing
      • PO provided by customer

3. Production:

    • Project Confirmation
      • Production schedule initiated and communicated with customer
      • Order Acknowledgment delivered to customer
    • Manufacturing
      • Produce final product

4. QC Testing/Release (2-3 weeks)

    • In house QC testing performed
    • Samples sent for third party QC testing
    • Certificate of Analysis created and ready for shipment
    • Finalize all compliance documents

5. Delivery

    • Product packaged and shipped to location(s)


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