Flavor Filtration and Fragrance Filtration

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Flavor Filtration and Fragrance Filtration

Gusmer Enterprises has been providing quality flavor filtration products and services to the flavor and fragrance industries for decades. Our customers have found great success with our wide variety of filtration products. We offer filter media that aids in the removal of haze, wax, colloidal particles, odors and color; leaving our customers with a clean, filtered and polished product. Gusmer Enterprise’s filtration products are the solution to your liquid clarification needs.

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Filter Pads & Filter Sheet Media

1300SD Depth Filter Pad

1700W Depth Filter Pad

1900SD Depth Filter Pad

Carbac® Depth Filter Pad

CSF Depth Pad

Lenticular Filters

Cellu-Stack® Filters – Lenticular Stack Filters

Filter Housings and Lab Filters

Cellu-Stack® Housing – Lenticular Stack Housing

Filter Housing – Posiseal Housing

Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Cellulose Filter Aids

Cellulose Filter Aids – Cellu-Flo

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