Esau & Hueber celebrates 40 Yr Anniversary

Gusmer Enterprises is proud to announce the 40 year anniversary of Esau & Hueber from Schrobenhausen, Germany – providing the finest in brewing technology for today’s brewers!

What do small privately owned breweries, craft breweries and large-scale corporate breweries have in common? They all rely on the technology and expertise of Esau & Hueber! With more than 70 employees, this independently operating division of BAUER Resources Group, is managed by the original family owners descendant Christoph Sedlaczek. Esau & Hueber creates sophisticated, flexible yet elegantly simplistic brewing technology designed for the ultimate brewing experience. No project detail is left undecided – the customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements are brought to realization by Esau & Hueber’s brewing engineers. From classic to industrial installations, malt handling through to bright beer, complete solutions created by designing to the brewmaster’s needs. For more information please contact Gusmer Enterprises, the North American distributor for Esau & Hueber.