Cellu-Stack® Filters

Wine Lenticular Filters from Gusmer Winemaking containing Cellu-Stack

Cellu-Stack® Lenticular Filters

Gusmer Enterprises’ Cellu-Stacks® are a convenient way to utilize depth filtration media in an enclosed system. Offered in many Gusmer media grades, these stack filters can be used for coarse, fine, and presterile filtration in numerous filtration applications.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Full range of filter media grades with high adsorptive and retention properties
  • Clean and safe filtration method when dealing with elevated pressures, temperatures, etc.
  • Convenient operation with short setup or changeover times
  • Small process footprint
  • Designed to conform with GMP
  • Highly economical with minimal maintenance and low operating costs
  • Protection of filtrate against spoilage in an enclosed depth filtration system


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