Renaissance Allegro Yeast for winemaking by Gusmer Wine


Renaissance Yeast is a leader in the development of classical crossbred (non-GMO) H2S-preventing Saccharomyces yeast. Based on a unique strain of yeast that was recently isolated by the University of California, Davis that is naturally incapable of producing hydrogen sulfide, called UCD932, Renaissance has developed a full range of yeast bred specifically for their favorable fermentation attributes in cider. Each strain has a proven lineage, and is metabolically incapable of producing hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide, even at levels below threshold, binds delicate aromas. Ciders produced with Renaissance Saccharomyces strains, that contain no hydrogen sulfide, are bright, clean and have outstanding aromas.
Product Details

Key Features

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus
  • Delivers dry, fresh and clean crisp ciders with a soft mouthfeel
  • Moderate fermenter
  • Does not produce H2S
  • Tolerant of high alcohols (up to 16% v/v)

Pack Size: 500 g, 10 kg

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