Cellulose Filter Aids – Cellu-Flo

Whether it’s pressure leaf filters or candle filters, the basis for all good filter cakes is a sound pre-coat, and Gusmer has been manufacturing the filter pre-coat materials that are used in filtration for decades.  Gusmer’s Cellu-Flo filter aids are widely used as a pre-coat material because of their ability to form a fibrous matrix on the filter screens that provides a proper site for filter cake formation.  This fibrous matrix also serves to protect the filter screens, virtually eliminates bleed through, adds cake stability and allows for a quick and clean cake release at the end of the filter cycle.

Filtration Type Product Composition
Coarse and Polish Filtration CLR pure cotton linters cellulose
Coarse and Polish Filtration CLS pure cotton
linters cellulose
Ultra-Fine Filtration RW soft and hard wood cellulose
Ultra-Fine Filtration SL soft and hard wood cellulose
CelluFlo PDS
Cellu-Flo Fiber Filter Aid SDS
Cellu-Flo RW40 and RW100 Filter Aid SDS