Christian Gresser Yeast Propagation

Christian Gresser Yeast Propagation

Known for superior quality, workmanship and attention to detail, Christian Gresser can offer the perfect solution for your yeast management needs, with patented, proven yeast propagation technology and a track record more than two decades long. Christian Gresser understands that yeast propagation is A Matter of Quality.
Product Details

Advantages of Yeast Propagation

  • Higher viability and vitality compared to dry- and harvest-yeast
  • Higher Attenuation
  • Faster pH – drop
  • Lower amount of fatty acids – better stability
  • Faster diacetyl reduction
  • Independence from external yeast supply
  • Consistent fermentation performance


Standard Yeast Prop Systems

  • Sizes Available: 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 and 20 hl
  • Available in dual or single tank configuration
  • Touch panel HMI for propagation programming
  • Optional insulation of tanks available


Custom Yeast Prop Systems

  • Sizes Available: 1 hl to 100 hl
  • Custom system configurations available


Yeast Storage Tanks

  • Sizes Available: Starting at 1 hl / 1 bbl up to transportation limit
  • Aeration/agitation available
Educational Webinars

Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring

Presentation Topics include:
  • Yeast propagation overview
  • Benefits of propagating your own yeast
  • Controlling your yeast propagation
  • Tips and considerations during propagation
  • mbt Brautechnik Prop-Bit pre-propagator
  • Christian Gresser primary yeast propagators
  • Yeast monitoring with ABER
  • Presentation Notes: Yeast Propagation & Yeast Monitoring Slides
  • (Yeast Propagation Overview 1:29 |  Yeast Propagation Benefits 3:52 | Helpful Tips 9:00 | mbt Brautechnik & Christian Gresser Equip 17:10 | Yeast Monitoring ABER 26:45 | Q&A 40:46)

Analytical Services
Hard Seltzer

Yeast for Hard Seltzer

Rensaissance Yeast

Chr. Hansen Yeast

Inline Gas Injection for Hard Seltzer

Denwel Carbonation

Denwel Carbonation/Blending

Fermentation Nutrients for Hard Seltzer

MicroElements Hard Seltzer HG

Enzymes for Hard Seltzer

IFF Enzymes

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